Thursday, June 8, 2017


Congratulations to the world's greatest homeroom for winning the 2017 Falcon Fray!  Here are some of the Alpacas showing off our championship title belt!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

So Proud!

Congratulations to all seven eighth graders who stood up and gave amazing speeches for potential spots on Student Council!  It was SUCH a close race!  We teachers had NO idea who would "win." All of these students should be so proud.  I know that I am!

Trinity is blessed to have such incredibly awesome students as a part of the participating student body!  It was an honor to hear each of them speak, and I'm sad that only two could move on to STUCO.  Special congratulations to Haley Hart and SJ Worsham, the official representatives! I have no doubt that they will serve their class well next year!


SJ, Wyatt, Haley, Samuel, Sarah, Derek, and Destyni

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Sometimes ya gotta have FUN! :)

I admit it: our middle schoolers have been having fun in school.  Whether it is making a puzzle game out of learning the fruit of the Spirit and our spiritual gifts, or going outside to complete our English writing prompts, or having a celebratory feast after reading Lord of the Flies, or doing a dance routine to shake off the nerves after a difficult test, the middle schoolers know how to make learning FUN!  I am so thankful for this group of students.  They are learning a ton, and they are enjoying it (I pray!)!  

Thursday, April 27, 2017

It's almost May! WHAT?!

I can't believe it's almost May!  I am so pleased to report that we are ahead in Bible and right on track in English in both 7th and 8th grades!  The big focus in this last quarter is in WRITING!  Students will have a bit more homework in English in this last quarter, and I will be encouraging them to manage their time wisely.

In Bible, we only have one unit left in each class, and we will be memorizing more Scripture and deeply studying God's Word together.  The emphasis on these last units, for both 7th and 8th grades, is really on strengthening our walks with Jesus and showing His love to others through our actions, attitudes, AND words.  I am looking forward to a very special time together.

For 7th grade English, each student is currently completing his/her story for his/her kindergarten buddy. (Books must be completed by May 4th.) I can't wait to present these to the kindergarteners on May 9th! Also this quarter, each student will be writing a literary critique on a novel of their choosing and completing a coinciding project.  The students will also be learning more MLA formatting.  Additionally, they will strengthen their skills of using transitions and bettering their sentence mechanics through various writings and exercises.  We also have one more short story unit to cover in literature!

For 8th grade English, students are currently writing an analysis on their recently completed novel and presenting a coinciding project.  Additionally, they will be writing speeches in MLA Format and delivering them professionally in a debate-like forum.  We also have a short story unit yet to look forward to, including writing a literary critique essay comparing and contrasting authors' writing styles.  We will end the year also with an overview of grammar, including taking the 9th grade grammar assessment.

*The Classics Reading Challenge should be completed by May 4th!
*The Middle School Awards Assembly is Thursday, May 25th at 8:25AM!
*You can still get Work-a-Thon sponsors!  Please do! :)

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The End of an Era

I pronounce the third quarter as an "era" as it is the LONGEST quarter.  So, yes, it is the end of an era in the middle school.

The students have been doing AMAZINGLY well during this quarter.  We have written several papers, taken tests on Bible, Greek and Latin roots for vocabulary, done grammar units, read novels, shared writing prompts, and SO much more!  I am very proud of these students and am looking forward to the final push of the year: the fourth quarter.  It's my favorite quarter!  We have a ton to be excited about.  

Here is a small snapshot of what is on the agenda for my classes in the fourth quarter (after we kick-start it with a week of achievement tests)!

7th Bible
*Intertestamental Period Unit
*Peacemakers Unit
*Citizenship in Christ Unit

8th Bible
*Cults Unit
*Modern Church Unit
*Church Reports
*Worldview Review Unit

7th English
*Grammar: Perfecting Pronouns and Tenses
*Analogies Unit 
*Vocabulary Units 11&12
*Novel Critique Project
*Short Story Unit and Project

8th English
*Lord of the Flies Unit and Project
*Literary Analysis Paper
*Mastery of the MLA Research Paper
*Greek and Latin Roots Vocab Units 11&12
*Grammar Overview Unit
*Short Story Unit and Paper

Today the eighth grade Biblical Worldview students worked with the second graders in their Bible class.  See my Facebook post on Trinity's page for more photos!

Friday, February 10, 2017


Our middle school vocabulary curriculum is challenging!  The seventh and eighth graders work hard to learn vocabulary from Greek and Latin roots.  Congrats to these special students for being consistent with their vocabulary assignments, for acing vocabulary tests, for winning vocabulary games, and for doing their best!  These four recently received awards in English class for outstanding achievement in vocabulary.

Keith, Chris, Lucie, and Sarah: Vocab Champions of the World

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Third Quarter in Mrs. Agate's Class...

Here are the third quarter happenings to provide a VERY general gist of third quarter material.  Ask your student for the specifics of each curriculum item as we go along!  I pray that your student is continuing to enjoy all that middle school has to offer! :)

7th English
*Almost finished with The Hobbit!
*Writing business letters
*Non-fiction literature and writing unit, including Breaking Through
*Mini-research paper
*Vocabulary units 7-10
*Grammar lessons 20-29

7th Bible
* Prophets Unit
*Prayer Unit

8th English
*Short story unit, including Flowers for Algernon
*Writing: Literary Critique; Formal Response Paper; Thematic Essay
*Classic novel mini book "club"
*Grammar lessons 40-49
*Vocabulary units 9&10

8th Biblical Worldview
*Units 4.2&4.3
*Church History: from Constantine to the Enlightenment (including the rise of Roman Catholicism, Islam, The Reformation, etc.)
*Current applications

Spencer did an excellent job with his prophet report!